'I was so fed up’, I renamed the site and YouTube as ‘Fed Up.’ 'Covering a variety of interests to help you and us not be fed up!'

Ok, if you are not feeling too fed up, then check us out because we feature underground metal, metal, punk/hardcore, independent music, film, wrestling, comedy horror, martial arts, sci-fi, fantasy, ancient history, and whatever randoms we feel like sharing! 

Please be aware all the metal/punk/hc aspects of Fed Up hold a very eccentric sense of humor. We like to apply this to other areas when appropriate. So there can be a contrast in writing style between an extreme metal post compared to a serious article, but we always try to uphold the ability to laugh when we can. 

All opinions expressed are exactly just 'that'. No one expects you to agree or like all content featured. Any views expressed within who we interview/review whether through the Fed Up Tube or site do not reflect the individual views of Fed Up. If we don’t enjoy a movie, band, music, or whatever, it simply didn’t grab us and we didn’t like it. Please move on to another site if you do not appreciate genuine opinions and eccentric humor.


Fed Up YouTube coming in the future.

History of Fed Up

Fed Up has been around in one form or another dating back to its days as a former Internet radio chat show. It had a number of names, but Fed Up is something which easily flows with the team behind the site/channel. It is much more us.